Why We Can “Seriously” Believe the Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn

When I walked into work “the morning after,” still shell-shocked by the sheer brilliance of what has become the year’s biggest Blockbuster hit (banking $66.4 million opening day,) a co-worker brought me back to earth saying he could go on for hours about the Christian references in The Dark Knight. No shit, Sherlock. In fact,… Continue reading Why We Can “Seriously” Believe the Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn


An Attention-Deficit America

American voters paralyzed in a technological world of distraction and disinterest Suppose the season premier of LOST airs the same night as one of the presidential debates. What percentage of Americans is likely to sit down to watch the candidates duke it out over illegal immigrants and economic reform? For all of the candidates, this… Continue reading An Attention-Deficit America


Acquainted With the Sun

I have been one acquainted with the sun I have walked out, squinted into her scorching depths cautiously peered past the jagged asphalt ledges lest her shards carve out my eyes. I have outwalked the reaches of her glowing fingers. She has illuminated these rolling ridges, and I have looked down all their green-grassed sides… Continue reading Acquainted With the Sun