Let the punishment fit the crime

Eleven-year-old Shanno of the Delhi Municipal Corporation primary school in Bawana couldn't recite the English alphabet properly. As punishment, Shanno's teacher made her stand in a crouched position in the hot sun for over two hours, and according to some reports, even placed bricks on her back. Shanno slipped into a coma later that afternoon… Continue reading Let the punishment fit the crime


The lesser of two evils

There's a game young teens in America play, where one person presents a scenario, suggests two unfavorable plans of action, and the other person has to decide which one they would "rather" go for, given the dilemma.As election campaigning picks up speed here in India, I'm reminded of that game.A picture on the front of… Continue reading The lesser of two evils


The mynah incident

Two weeks ago, Chennai readers were shocked to see in the paper a doctored photo of two mynah birds appear on the second page of The Hindu.While the Editor-in-chief apologized immediately following the complaints from readers who said the image was obviously tampered with, today, in his ONLINE AND OFF LINE column, the Readers' Editor… Continue reading The mynah incident


Scribbled in the margin: "off the record" information

If there's one thing journalists hate hearing from their sources it's the dreaded "this is off the record," as if that in itself makes the source immune to attacks, questions and criticisms. Some people may think "off the record" comments make the information useless. Not quite. Usually this information at least provides better perspective for… Continue reading Scribbled in the margin: "off the record" information

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A tribute to the homemakers

Members of the Alladi household met at the Ekamra Nivas dining room late Friday night to resume talks on the next day’s menu. Although there was much debate on whether Cook Lakshmi’s assessment of available vegetable quantities were accurate, Mrs. Lalitha Ramakrishnan, wife of the late Alladi house master Alladi Ramakrishnan, conceded that there was… Continue reading A tribute to the homemakers


Voting: all prices are fixed, final sale

A few posts back I wrote that the complacency of voters who don't care enough to vote are one cause of corruption in the country that calls itself the largest democracy in the world. If I thought that was bad, reading about how voters accept ridiculously expensive gifts and straight-up cash from candidates who escort… Continue reading Voting: all prices are fixed, final sale


At The Hindu: Anything but dull…..

CHENNAI: Thirty-six small pairs of eyes stared in awe as bowler Sudeep Tyagi bobbed his head and shook his hips to the music, surrounded by cheerleaders turning somersaults. The young fans of the junior team are used to not blinking when watching the Kings on the field, but watching their Tyagi break it down only… Continue reading At The Hindu: Anything but dull…..