Sotomayor: a (politically) correct pick?

The First African-American President just nominated the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. I know. That statement sounds so good it's hard to believe that Obama didn't pick Sonia Sotomayor just because she was Hispanic. It's got a lot of people asking, is the candidate qualified? I wonder: if the candidate was not a minority if… Continue reading Sotomayor: a (politically) correct pick?


"No parenting skills" a lame excuse

I was absolutely disgusted reading the paper this morning to find that the Department of Children and Families had released the information that the parents of 4-year old Kristina Hepp did not have the proper "parenting skills," when her father was given custody of the child he killed just a few months later. Parenting isn't… Continue reading "No parenting skills" a lame excuse

Forging your future

Can we expect re-Kindled sustenance for papers?

As if in response to the depression I expressed in a previous post about the pathetic size of newspapers these days, an article in The Gainesville Sun on the new large-screen Kindle Deluxe that's set to release this summer designed for textbooks and newspapers caught my eye. I'm not one for keeping up with gizmos… Continue reading Can we expect re-Kindled sustenance for papers?

Forging your future

Black and white and read all over

Flickr photo by Matt Callow So everyone's naturally been asking what's different about journalism in India than here in America. Well, for the most part it's the same. There are only some differences I noticed: As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a clear difference in the way photojournalism is approached. In fact,… Continue reading Black and white and read all over


Flying like a Maharani

Flickr Photo by Premshree Pillai A week before my departure from Chennai my dad gave me explicit instructions on how to check my bags all the way through to Tampa. Dearest Amritha, This is how your bags must be tagged. Please show this to the Indian Airlines agent. ============================== Destination: Tampa TPA NW 648 May… Continue reading Flying like a Maharani