Hi there! My name is Amritha Alladi Joseph, and I thank you for visiting my blog, “In Transit: Journeys through far-off places, food, fitness & fulfillment.” Join me through my trials and triumphs as I navigate foreign terrain, healthful vegetarian cooking and (sometimes failed attempts at) exercise on my ultimate quest for inner peace and well-being.


I started this blog in 2008, just as I was completing undergraduate studies in Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. I wanted a space to write freely about anything, but I mainly wrote about my travels and reflections on work experiences. Since then, I have graduated from business school and switched careers, but I still enjoy writing, so in 2015 I decided to give this blog more direction and focus on key areas that were of interest to me and that I found myself talking about passionately with friends:


Travel: From a very young age, I had the opportunity to travel extensively through Europe and Asia with my family, and since then, I have also spent time working in India and Guam, traveled on my own and with my husband, and I have enjoyed writing about these experiences. I truly feel travel is the best form of education. It’s the ideal way to promote awareness, understanding and tolerance.

Food: I am a lifelong vegetarian, and I love cooking, though I have really only been cooking for the last few years now since I have had more time. It’s been a work in progress, as I’m sure my friends and family would agree, but I like to challenge myself by making new dishes, and I’ve ALWAYS loved food. Over the last year, however, I’ve been more conscious about eating healthier, which is easy to do during the workweek but not so much on weekends when I want to cook delicious and satisfying food for friends and family. Which is why….

Fitness: I’ve become more serious about exercise. I used to hate exercise and I still kind of do, but about a year ago I started getting serious about fitness and weight loss (I’m sure my impending wedding had nothing to do with it :-). Once I started getting regular about workouts, it became easier to do and something that I actually couldn’t go a day without doing– not because I enjoyed it, but because I was afraid I would lose all of the positive effects for which I had worked. I took up yoga, and I truly did enjoy that. I’m not the kind of person who gets excited about working out, but I’m driven enough to exercise toward a fitness goal, and I do always feel better about it afterwards. I’m hoping and guessing that strikes a chord with many others reading this, so I will be documenting what works for me, what doesn’t, the struggles, and successes.


Fulfillment: Because we’re all in search of happiness, whether at work or at home. Ironically, in this super-connected world we live in, sometimes it’s hard to feel connected to anything or anyone.


Each of these continues to be a journey — to expand my travel experiences and see new things, to become a better cook and master certain culinary skills, to try new types of exercise and push myself to get into better shape, and to find fulfillment through my career, faith, and personal relationships. In turn, these pursuits have shaped the person I am and my perspectives, hence, the title of the blog.

Please feel free to comment, share, follow or message me, especially regarding content you’d like to see here. Thanks for visiting!