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When Interfaith Means Double, Not Half

It’s been a festive few days for us. As a Hindu Tam Brahm married to a Malayalee Catholic, it’s been a busy week, from Palm Sunday mass to Tamil Puthandu puja. This year was the first time I personally observed both of these, and that’s because I’m now working twice as hard to retain the… Continue reading When Interfaith Means Double, Not Half


Slumdog Millionaire not one in a million

Four Golden Globe awards, a sweep at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and 10 Oscar nominations....that was it -- I couldn’t handle the suspense any longer. I had to find out for myself just what the hullabaloo was all about. My verdict: average.The rags to riches fairy tale is one that I’ve seen time and… Continue reading Slumdog Millionaire not one in a million

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Notes from the motherland

I never imagined volunteering myself to stay in India longer than three weeks. My parents had brought me to Chennai every single year of my life. The images of India I had always conjured included countless mosquitoes, power outages, and sweltering heat. I'll be honest. I didn't like it.But after the demise of my grandfather… Continue reading Notes from the motherland