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When Interfaith Means Double, Not Half

It’s been a festive few days for us. As a Hindu Tam Brahm married to a Malayalee Catholic, it’s been a busy week, from Palm Sunday mass to Tamil Puthandu puja. This year was the first time I personally observed both of these, and that’s because I’m now working twice as hard to retain the… Continue reading When Interfaith Means Double, Not Half


A Seminary Struggles Amid Commercialized Spirituality

Just below the Tian Tan Buddha sits the Po Lin Monastery, originally established by three monks in 1924. Po Lin refers to "precious lotus." The lotus is significant in both Hinduism and Buddhism, as it represents "spontaneous generation" such as in divine birth or spiritual development, according to the Buddha Dharma Education Association. My tour… Continue reading A Seminary Struggles Amid Commercialized Spirituality

Faith · Finding Fulfillment

Celebrating the Goddess on Navarathri

  Back in Gainesville my friends and family are doing their rounds—both in seeing house kolus at friends' homes and dancing around the Goddess on the garba floor. Here on Guam, no such event took place, to my disappointment. I was however able to meet several members of the community through a dinner hosted at… Continue reading Celebrating the Goddess on Navarathri