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When Leisure Takes Work: A Week in NYC

New York City: A city overflowing with 8.5 million people that it's a wonder anyone runs into anyone else he or she knows when walking the streets. But with some effort and planning, you can certainly make it happen. Last month, I piggybacked off of a work trip to New York to also meet with… Continue reading When Leisure Takes Work: A Week in NYC


We’re all too close to the edge

Last week, I realized that I spend a total 1.5 hours each day mentally cursing at the world as I commute back and forth to work. I'm not particularly proud of this person whom I become, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a pent-up rage welling up within me, ready to go… Continue reading We’re all too close to the edge


Sweltering in the City

  I'm calling Carrie Bradshaw out on her bullshit. Sure, I suspended disbelief when she bought $400 Manolos and slinky Prada dresses on her modest writer salary, but there's no way¬†she happily and flawlessly romped all around Manhattan --- with its concrete and crowds oozing heat--- in 6-inch stilettos with her curly hair flowing freely,… Continue reading Sweltering in the City