Finding Fulfillment

Goizueta Keystone Week: Illuminating the Path Ahead

Every year at Goizueta Business School, second-year, Full-Time MBA students return to campus, with a little more bounce in their step, holding their heads a little higher. With summer internships behind them, students are more confident in their abilities. While all of them have gained valuable knowledge and skills from their internship experiences, not all… Continue reading Goizueta Keystone Week: Illuminating the Path Ahead


Flying like a Maharani

Flickr Photo by Premshree Pillai A week before my departure from Chennai my dad gave me explicit instructions on how to check my bags all the way through to Tampa. Dearest Amritha, This is how your bags must be tagged. Please show this to the Indian Airlines agent. ============================== Destination: Tampa TPA NW 648 May… Continue reading Flying like a Maharani